The top 10 Reasons not to fish!

10 Reasons That MAY be considered as reasons for NOT going fishing!

By: RTee

1.) The lake has been drained.

2.) The lake is frozen solid enough to damage fiberglass bass boats.

3.) Visibility is LESS than 19 feet. (Length of most bass boats)

4.) Your helicopter lure goes up instead of down because the wind velocity is strong enough to blow the image off the depth finder and there are whitecaps in the livewell.

5.) Polar bears are staging a cold weather strike on the boat ramp.

6.) The Bass Pro Shop is having a sale that is not available by catalog or internet.

7.) Its Election Day, Denny Brauer is running for President and you forgot to vote absentee.

8.) You won the Texas lottery and must go to Austin to pick up your money.

9.) There is a sale at the mall and your wife is gone with your wallet, credit cards, and fishing license.

10.) Your best friend passed away and is being buried. However, if the funeral services are held at a lakeside cemetery, fishing IS permitted as long as you use black plugs or worms while fishing in sight of the graveside services. (Your late friend would understand and likely do the same for you).