The Total Bass Fisherman. By Rtee.

1.) Always ensures the continuing stability of the fishing industry by purchasing at least one of every type tackle produced.

2.) Will always keep very close eye on his fishing partner to ensure he does not have more effective tackle than himself.

3.) Always ensure the boat towing vehicle is the best conditioned vehicle of all vehicles owner by the Total Bass Fisherman. Doing so will prevent his fishing partner from “stomping & cussing”.

4.) Will always ensure boat batteries are fully charged and all other equipment is in excellent working condition to prevent the fishing partner from speaking foul language when delayed from departing the ramp at the appointed time.

5.) Will never express any mirth (especially giggling out loud), when fishing from the back of the boat and catching more and larger fish than partner in the front of the boat.

6.) Never utters any sound whatsoever when partner hooks himself in the butt or gets a “birdnest” in his new line.

7.) Will always offer his partner his extra plug of the model that is working well. (However, this should be done only after he is safely AHEAD.)

8. ) Will always be aware of partners position and activity and NEVER rock the boat when partner is sipping hot coffee or standing on the gunwale participating in a much needed relief.

9.) Will never conceal from his partner the best area of the lake and the best bait. However, he must never disclose this information to anyone else. He shall always OVER estimate (to all others) the amount of fish caught, and always state they were caught on a plug that does not even exist.

10.) Will make sure that accurate scales are never on the boat to ensure estimating the “correct” weight of all those eight and ten pounder’s